Vaccine becomes available for 16+ year olds


Courtesy of Haley Wall

Senior Haley Wall was one of the first Pelham teens to receive the COVID vaccine.

Irene Beldiman, News Editor, Senior

Starting on April 6, New York State began allowing all residents 16 and over  to receive the vaccine. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on March 29 that all residents 30 and over could get the vaccine starting April 1 and then those who are 16 and over could begin to get it the next week.

Cuomo stated in a press release, “As we continue to expand eligibility, New York will double down on making the vaccine accessible for every community to ensure equity, particularly for communities of color who are too often left behind. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but until we get there it is more important than ever for each and every New Yorker to wear a mask, socially distance, and follow all safety guidelines.”

New York State has had a heavy demand for the vaccine since its initial introduction, but has since been trying to keep up with the influx of appointments. The New York State Department of Health’s statistics show as of March 29 there were 9,056,970 total doses administered and that the percent of New Yorkers with completed vaccine series was 16.8%.

With the vaccine being available to teenagers, many high schoolers have taken the opportunity as soon as possible to be vaccinated. Though some were able to receive the vaccine prior to April 6 due to underlying conditions and job requirements, this new guideline truly provides hope for a shift back to normal.

Senior Haley Wall received her vaccine on April 7 and said, “Going into it I was really nervous about the shot! Afterwards I was a bit sore, but mainly excited!”