Young Democrats and Young Republicans Host Voter Registration Drive


Photo by Irene Beldiman

Manning the table during a free period, junior James Findikyan helps students sign up to perform their civic duty.

Prashaan Malwana, Staff Reporter, Freshman

On April 27 and 29, the Young Republicans and Young Democrats Club will be hosting a voter registration drive in front of the high school auditorium. In the spirit of promoting bi-partisanship, students eligible in Cohort A and Cohort B (16+) will be able to fill out a form in order to pre-register to vote in elections by the time they turn 18. Remote students will also be able to print and complete a form via this link, and mail it to the correct board of elections address.

The drive will be active throughout the entirety of the school day, with seniors and juniors welcome to fill out a form. The YRC, headed by Nevan Malwana, and the YDC by Jacob Campo, encourage joining one of the political clubs, as political knowledge and independence at a young age is incredibly important. In January 2020, New York officially allowed teenagers 16+ to pre-register to vote due to very low young voter turnout in the past elections from New York. 

“It is imperative for voters of all ages to exercise their rights as Americans, and vote in elections both local and national. Often younger voters show up in shockingly low numbers, and we hope this drive will help younger voters in Pelham feel empowered to vote and excited to participate in America’s democracy,” said Malwana. 

Both clubs having the same intent of advocating for the importance of young voters, the YRC and YDC look forward to introducing and welcoming more students to politics.