Girls Varsity Volleyball Ends With A Near Perfect Season Record

Girls Varsity Volleyball Team smile as they win League Champs

Girls Varsity Volleyball Team smile as they win League Champs

Asia Bertuccioli, Senior, Sports editor

     The varsity girls volleyball team has had an unstoppable season of 12-1, including a league championship, a school record, and a mention  in LOHUD’s top five volleyball teams. As a fairly young team, they have an amazing ongoing season record where they stayed undefeated until their recent tough loss against Ardsley.

     Senior Captain Shannon Holland says, “We had a young team this year but we also have a lot of heart and we laid everything on the floor and I think that’s what led to most of our success.” She also describes the teams best moment of the season where they came out on top against Eastchester, “I think the final points of our 5 set win against Eastchester  were the best and most intense few points we’ve played“

     Not only have they had an impeccable record but they have been named league champions, something which has been the goal all season. Lohud recognized their achievements and outstanding performance and ranked them at number 5 top volleyball teams in the section.

     Additionally, Junior Julia Wall has broken the school record of assists per game with 55 in their game against eastchester. “ We work so well together and I’m honestly so proud of how much we have accomplished this year,” Wall said. 

    They have ended the season with undefeated league champions and an almost perfect season record. Unfortunately due to exposure to another school, the team will have to quarantine and miss playoffs. Despite the season coming to an abrupt end, it was still an incredible season that players did not even expect to have.