Homecoming Fashion Choices

Maddie Mullany, Junior, Staff Reporter

Homecoming is one of Pelham’s most anticipated events of the year, highlighted by the pep rally that takes place that afternoon. On October 13, each PMHS team came to school festively dressed in a creative outfit, and decorated their designated area in the gym to represent a theme of their choice. The rest of the students filled up the bleachers to observe.

The football team wore their blue jerseys, and the cheerleaders matched, each wearing one of the football player’s jerseys over their uniform. The swimming and diving team embodied the world’s pools and oceans, sporting hula skirts and colorful lei necklaces to become one with their Hawaiian theme. Other teams took a different approach. The girls tennis team took it back to another era, showing up as hippies. The girls soccer team brought the good and the evil, dressed as superheroes and villains, and the boys soccer team rolled right out of bed wearing funny pajama onesies. The cross country team marched in time, dressed in camouflage and eye black, and the volleyball team “shocked the world,” dressed as aliens. Pelham’s field hockey team nailed their creative theme which they entitled “Ruthless,” where they all came dressed up as Ruth, the athletic trainer.

This homecoming day was one for the ages. The pep rally gave Pelham’s varsity fall sports teams the chance to showcase fun costumes and decorations. This long lasting Pelham tradition engaged every student and