How Senior Prom Will Look in a Pandemic

Kate Loughran, News Editor, Junior

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senior Class of ‘21 is still determined to make the most out of their senior year, and approach the usual traditions in a new sense. One of the biggest traditions for the senior class, prom, has posed a big question for the past few months. With an increased number of students inoculated and reduced COVID-19 cases, the administration was able to put together a prom for the seniors. 

This year’s senior prom will take place at the Pelham Country Club on June 22, from 7 to 11 pm for an outdoor, safe event. The event will be only for members of the class of ‘21, and those attending will have to provide evidence of a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. 

Seniors are excited to have a chance to have prom, despite the unusual circumstances. 

Senior Daniella Letizia said, “Prom is definitely going to be different this year. There were some changes made to make this event possible but it’s still going to be fun!” 

The class advisors to the senior class, Mrs. Battema and Mrs. Satallante, have worked to provide the seniors with as many normal events as possible this year, and are happy to be able to plan prom. 

Mrs. Battema said, “Mrs. Satallante and I are thrilled to be able to have a prom this year and celebrate safely with the class of 2021!  We are grateful to our partners at Pelham Country Club for their commitment to creating a special, memorable night for our seniors. A lot of time, thought and planning has gone into it and we are really excited to see it come together this June!”