Trick or Treat Approved Costumes


Courtesy of Lauren Hade, Senior

Seniors (bottom l to r) Alexis Teller, Claire Gilman, Lauren Hade, and (top l to r) Nick Garvey and Tyler Constable were on duty for Halloween.

Julia Kaplansky, Junior, Staff Reporter

The calendar pages are falling away faster than the leaves of a tree, and October 31 is just around the bend. Uh oh! Did you forget about that all-important costume? In a time crunch and don’t have a ride to Party City? Here are some last minute masquerade ideas that are sure to do the trick and be a real treat.

Black Cat: Make this costume pawsible with a pair of leggings and black tee. Pair with some boots and you’re out the door. Draw a cat eye and add some whiskers to make this look purrfect!

Lifeguard: Too busy on duty to go buy a Halloween costume? No problem! Use your bathing suit to make sure everybody knows who’s on “guard.” Match with any pair of comfy shorts and some flip flops. Don’t forget your whistle!

Wonder Woman: Is it Indian summer and too hot for pants? You’ve come to the right place! Bodysuits are trending right now, so make the most of it this Halloween! Find a red bodysuit and blue tutu. Next, take some metallic washing tape and tape the edges to replicate the iconic Wonder Woman “W.” Tie a red bandana or a cape around your neck and get ready to soar like a super girl. Don’t happen to own a pair of red, knee high stilettos? Put on your favorite pair of walking shoes and pull over long red socks. To top it off, find some oversized gold bangles and apply your favorite scarlet lipstick. Make sure Superman doesn’t steal your thunder!

Trendy Alien: This modish costume is out of this world! Find a pair of holographic leggings and a colorful tank. Hair time! For this do, part your hair down the middle, tying each side into two high ponytails. Use hairspray to keep your hair in place. Next, twist each pony into two space buns and then wrap a cool hair tie around each bun. Sprinkle glitter on your part to make sure you shine. To complete this costume take face paint and dot it from the top of one eyebrow under the eye of the other. This will give your makeup a galaxy glow. This outfit is sure to put your mindset in another dimension this Halloween.