The Voice Behind the PMHS Fight Song

Gabby Ahitow, Assistant Managing Editor, Freshman

Jordan Smith, a 1929 PMHS graduate, composed Pelham’s fight song, Pelican Parade, in 1928. He was an orchestra member who produced the Pelican Parade for the orchestra to perform at their concerts. This song later went on to be performed at many school and town functions. According to records, the song has been played since the 1940s to this year’s homecoming when the band performed the song.

In 1953, Smith wrote a letter to the town historian about the other music pieces he had gone to compose, and one of the songs was produced by Republic Pictures. “Beyond the Great Divide” was played at the very end of “Pals of the Golden West” a Roy Rogers movie. Smith was looking to get more of his songs produced but was not able to.

Editor’s note: This is a follow-up to “This is My (OUR) Fight Song” by Gabby Ahitow