Reflections on a Hybrid Olympics

Kate Loughran, News Editor, Junior

This year, Olympics looked different with COVID-19 being a key factor in which administration, staff, and students had to work around for the planning of this year’s event. The Student Associations from each grade, along with the class advisors, were able to pull off a two-day, hybrid Olympics event on April 21 and 22. The event was held in person for one cohort, and the next day on the 22 for Cohort B. Most of the usual sports, musical, and game events were able to occur, promoting a sense of normalcy as students could participate and watch the usual events.

The Frosty Freshmen in their first Olympics scored 183.5 points. The freshmen had quite a different first Olympics, but still were able to have a good time. Some events the freshmen won were paper airplanes, and they came in second place for decorations, and class feud. 

Freshmen Laura Shelton said  “I would say I really enjoyed it and even though it was a lot different it was really nice to see my grade come together and work together to make decorations and see everyone have a lot of fun!”

The Old-School Sophomores came in third place in their second olympics with 229.5 points. Some events the sophomores won were girls basketball, checkers, girls four-square, girls kan-jam, and girls volleyball. Sophomore Quincy Stern talked about his olympics experience as a student who had been quarantined for Olympics.  

Stern said, “As much as it sucked to have to quarantine right as Olympics started I still tried to make the most of it. It was the first time I got quarantined all year and missed out on a lot but still talked with friends from home and supported my grade virtually. Either way I still had fun watching the grades compete and seeing everyone have a good time!”

The Jumpscare Juniors came in second place with 382.5 points, and won decorations, the spirit award, and many sports events including boys volleyball, taboo, scrabble, girls ping-pong, pickleball, nitroball, dodgeball, and more. The juniors and seniors had a close competition for first place in the Olympics, but the seniors were able to pull through by three points. 

Junior Nick Bruscargin said, “I think Olympics was great this year despite the circumstances and the SA did a great job putting it all together.”

The winners of the 2021 Olympics, the Spotify Seniors, won the Olympics with 385.5 points. The seniors won the silly walk, girls spikeball, matball, the food drive, chess, and many other events. Senior Caroline Veteri commented on her final Olympics experience. 

Veteri said, “Even though our last Olympics was different than we had all expected, it was still a fun experience and we all made the best of the situation!”