Seniors present Talent Show 2021: SENIOR NIGHT LIVE


Irene Beldiman, News Editor

On May 7, the Class of 2021 hosted their annual talent show. Due to this year’s circumstances, “Senior Night Live” was held virtually. Though the production was shown on a screen, seniors were still able to attend as a grade on Ingalls field. PTA catered the meal with pre-paid options from local restaurants Cantina Lobos and Sound Chicken. Other viewers were able to purchase tickets online and could rent the show for 48 hours.

Despite the fact this was not the traditional way for senior talent shows to beheld in past years, the show was still successful with 130 seniors attending. Members of the class of 2021 were asked to submit skits in March/April and junior Natalie Pursel put the whole show together so it would be a surprise for all seniors at the viewing.

Traditional skits such as fashion show, mean tweets and the final slideshow were still included, and there was still a whole display of talent and humor displayed. There were jokes about the ticket lady, the forensics speech team, and certain classes that had the whole crowd laughing. Aside from the playful acts, students also took the chance to display their musical talent. 

Senior Jane Dunbar said, “I was a little sad at first because I knew a virtual viewing would be different than an actual talent show. Regardless, it was so much better than I could have imagined and I was really impressed by the way they were able to display the show.” 

Key players in the success of the talent show were the director Ms. Strachan, Mr. Rovida, who provided AV assistance, senior class advisors Mrs. Battema and Mrs. Satallante, and video editor junior Natlalie Pursel.