PMHS Sporting Events Now Open to Spectators


This past year pro sports events had resorted to using photo cutouts and mannequins in the seats to give the impression that there were spectators in the seats.

Angelic Menzel, Staff Reporter, Junior

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many social and athletic events throughout the year have been forced to either be canceled or limit their attendees. However, as of May 15, an email was sent from Christian G. Hodge, director of Health, physical education, and athletes, to students of Pelham Memorial High school. This email advised students that up to 500 students will now be allowed to attend outdoor JV and varsity athletic events. Students will now be able to fully attend and support Pelham’s student-athletes. 

Sporting events will continue to follow the outlined safety expectations including mandatory masks and social distancing guidelines during events. There will also be a new set of rules and regulations for students who wish to attend. For example, should the 500-person maximum become an issue at the athletic events, those with spectator passes previously provided to athletes’ families will be given priority admission into the event. It is recommended that one bring a spectator pass even to away games, in case a neighboring district decides to restrict admission. Lastly, indoor athletic events may only have 250 spectators beginning on May 19, 2021. 

“The motivation of having people there watching the games just really excites the players. Especially with other students coming to watch, who really want to see you win, just brings the whole team’s energy up and helps us perform better,” junior Nick Milo, a member of Pelham’s baseball team, said.

Students will be able to attend upcoming games for including lacrosse and baseball as they battle through the playoffs.