Sophia Leung & Matthew Cannella Named to the Memorial Tablet


Each year, the faculty and administrators choose two students of the graduating class, a boy and a girl, who best embody the ethical, athletic, academic and social ideals of their class. This year, seniors Sophia Leung and Matthew Cannella were selected. The honor, the last “award” of the season, was announced at graduation on June 26 by Superintendent Cheryl Champ.

Voting is based on academic achievement, as well as involvement in clubs, teams, and participation in community service projects.

Their names will be inscribed in bronze and placed on a scroll alongside past recipients of the honor on a plaque which hangs at the top of the front entrance, just beside the entry to the auditorium.

Also awarded at graduation was the Fairclough Scholarship, awarded to students with the top academic achievement. This year’s recipients were Isaac Blackburn, Emily Kalyvas and valedictorian Lucia Lavallee.