Under Construction: PMHS Starts School Year with Structure Under Work


Spencer Conrad, Managing Editor, Sophomore

It was a sunny day on September 9 when students entered PMHS to find that the Commons were blocked and the chairs were gone. Due to the deterioration of stones, PMHS had to go under construction to restore them. These stones located above the windows, face outward and it was determined by an engineer they needed to be reinforced. It was determined by the district during their annual inspections of the buildings. This prompted the district to look into repairing the building’s facade. The decorative stones are being molded again and will return to their place. The steel beams inside the building will also be reinforced. 

Principal Mark Berkowitz said, “The district hopes that this project will be completed during the first semester.” 

The Commons are planned to reopen when it is safe for students to return

With the centennial celebration occurring on October 16, many worried that the facade of the building would not be adequate for such an important occasion. 

“The project was determined to be necessary and time sensitive but it is not connected to the school centennial,” said Berkowitz. 

The construction is currently on schedule, but it was not finished in time for the school centennial. The construction timeline is necessary and by the time of its completion, the building will be safer than ever before.