Female Athlete of the Issue: Julia Wall



Gavin Kleinberger, Co-Sports Editor, Junior

Captain Julia Wall has been the standout of the Pelham Highschool Volleyball team throughout her senior season.  Wall credits her love for volleyball to the competitive nature of the athletes, and the team chemistry. The team’s record of 7 wins and 2 losses gives them a high chance to make the playoffs.  Wall said, “If we continue playing well and win all our league games we have a great chance of making it to the playoffs.”  The team hopes to continue charging on, led by Julia Wall.

Wall has been playing volleyball since seventh grade, when she started in modified for Pelham Middle School, and in 2020, her freshman year, she set a school record. Wall broke the Pelham Highschool record for assists in a single game, with 50.  However, she has been fighting to break this record yet again, setting her eyes on that goal.  She said, “I set a school record of 50 assists in a game last season, and I haven’t been able to reach that number yet this season, so that is my personal goal for the season.” Wall will try to reach this goal throughout the season. She is also looking ahead to college, as she plans on playing in college, whether it be Division 1, Division 3, or club. Wall hopes to continue with the recent success of the Volleyball team, as they finish up the season, and make a push for the playoffs.