TV Review: Squid Game


Graphic by Rivy

Emma Laskaj, Staff Reporter, Sophomore


Netflix’ new show Squid Game has South Korean citizens, who are in serious debt, and are presented with a way to erase their debt in a series of children’s games called “Squid Games.” The show is very entertaining with a series of plot twists; however, it is rated TV-MA because of the graphic and gory scenes and vulgar language.

The show is very popular worldwide. Something unique about this show is that the actors whowere originally speaking Korean have been dubbed into English. Although the show is very popular in America, it is most popular in South Korea. 

The main character “Gi-hun” is a divorced man who tries to take care of his mother and daughter, but owes too much to do so. When he had found out that his daughter was moving to America, he knew that the only way he could get her to stay in South Korea would be if he was financially stable. When Gi-hun found out the news about his daughter he was waiting for the train to return home, and a man (who ended up being a recruiter) offered to play ddjaki with Gi-hun. Ddjaki is a game where you have to flip over the other person’s card by throwing your card at theirs. He is told that if he can flip over the recruiter’s card, he will be rewarded with 100,000 won (Korean currency), but if he loses he gets slapped. Gi-hun repeatedly gets slapped until he wins, but when he finally wins he is filled with joy which leads him to want to win more money.

Gi-hun’s desire for more money gets him into trouble because the recruiter showed him the Squid Game card. Gi-hun joined the Squid Game’s without knowing the violence that he would be participating in. Children’s games such as Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb, Tug of War, Marbles, Stepping Stones, and Squid Game are turned violent. He then competes with 455 other people who are in debt to win the prize money. The prize money increases as more people are eliminated, meaning death. 

This show also teaches many important lessons that not everything is as it seems. The Squid Game’s show the characters who they can trust. Gi-hun quickly realizes that not everyone is who they present themselves to be. The show also teaches the viewers what greed can do to someone. Gi-hun builds

If you are looking for a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, shows the power of love within friendships, and can make you laugh and cry all at once then Squid Game is the show for you.


relationships with many people, but some relationships quickly become tainted due to other’s greed.