‘Devious Licks’ Vandalism Strikes Pelham


Zach Long, Co-News Editor, Senior

Schools across the United States are suffering from extreme vandalism because of social media. At PMHS, vandalism has occurred in the boys’ bathroom as soap dispensers have been  destroyed and stolen, and toilet paper is being used to clog the toilets. This is the result of a viral trend on TikTok where high school students are stealing school supplies, ranging from soap dispensers to screen projectors and toilets. On September 20, Principal Berkowitz addressed the vandalism that is occurring. During the morning announcements, Berkowitz stated that students will be held accountable for their actions if they are caught, and that this behavior will not be tolerated. 

In Orange County, a seventeen year old was arrested for nine counts of theft for stealing from teachers.. Pelham students have not been as reckless as students from other schools in this trend, however, this crazed behavior should come to a halt.

Junior Brian Ndoka is one of many high school boys who have seen the vandalism taking place in the boys’ bathroom. 

Ndoka said, “I believe that the vandalism that is going on around our school goes to show how much influence social media has over our generation. Once it became popular on TikTok, that is when the vandalism began. Like many trends, I think the vandalism will begin to wane and eventually stop altogether, once it is no longer a trend.”

TikTok, and social media altogether, has a very controlling influence on our generation. There are many trends that are very unsafe, but their presence on social media makes these actions seem fun and people think there will not be consequences.  The milk crate challenge, the gorilla glue challenge, and the dry scooping challenge are all dangerous trends that people are partaking in because they are “popular” or “trendy.” Students should stay safe and avoid participating in any of these trends.