Students Welcome New Clubs This School Year


Chinny Njoku

Elizabeth Zusin hopes the new Music Theory Club is harmonious.

Clare Foster, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Are you looking for a way to get involved in activities you’re passionate about? Or meet new people, or try new things? If your answer to these questions is yes, there are dozens of clubs that provide the opportunity for you to do so! And even better, in addition to the many interesting clubs offered in past years, there’s a variety of new clubs provided. Two of these are The Music Theory Club and The Philosophy Club.

If you are an individual who is intrigued by discussing reality and the reasons for our existence, seniors Shep Solimine and Dean Shannon have founded The Philosophy Club.

Solimine said, “We answer questions about philosophy and give a push for discussions and let the discussions flow freely.”

The group of young philosophers are prepared to assist you, and are here to encourage deep discussions. If this appeals to you, email Solimine ([email protected]) or Shannon ([email protected]).

Juniors Alexander Prencis and Elizabeth Zusin are offering a Music Theory Club, that focuses on the complexities. This is especially enticing since music theory is, unfortunately, not offered as a class this year. The two founders, are determined to convince everyone of all grades to join in on the fun.

Prencis said, “We will connect with others and be as entertaining as possible, while teaching music theory.”

The group is making it their first priority to learn, have fun, enjoy music, and create bonds with others. Don’t miss out on the perfect chance to get in touch with your passion for music, and make sure to shoot an email to Prencis ([email protected]) and Zusin ([email protected]).

Joining a club is the best way to discover new ideas and topics, the perfect way to make new bonds with those who share the same interests as you. Clubs open doors to new exciting experiences and opportunities that can benefit you in the present as well as your future. Overall, any club is a guaranteed path to improving your well-being at Pelham and making you smile!