Help Ruth Rebuild Her Home Fundraiser



Matt Michailoff, Co-Clubs Editor, Sophomore

The home of Ruth Gillespie, the head Athletic Trainer of PMHS Athletics and trainer at Symmetry Physical Therapy, was devastated by the flooding of Hurricane Ida on September 1. She lost almost all of her belongings as a result. A GoFundMe fundraiser was set up to help her recover.

Many lost something during that storm and thousands were affected,” Chris Lauretani said. “Few lost everything like Ruth did.”

The community of Pelham jumped to assist Gillespie and offer their support. A GoFundMe page initiated by Chris Lauretani, President of Symmetry Physical Therapy and a close friend to Gillespie, was able to raise over $8,800 to contribute to the recovery from the damage. 

Laurentani said, “It was amazing to see the Pelham community reach out and support Ruth. That’s what Pelham has always been about, helping their own.” 

Gillespie has been an essential member of Symmetry and PMHS Athletics for years. She’s had interactions with countless students, and she’s watched over them during sports practices, games, and injury recovery. She is always the first to help when a student faces injury trouble, and she brings passionate help to Pelham athletes.

“Ruth has always been a selfless person. She literally spends her entire day taking care of others,” Lauretani said. “She deeply cares for her athletes, patients and clients and provides the dedication and consistency seen in very few people.”

Over one hundred people donated to the page, but there some went above and beyond to assist Gillespie. Specifically, Adrienne Kiame, Mike Prisco and Toni Damiani who all widely shared and informed people about the GoFundMe and all have a close connection to Gillespie