Freshmen Elections: A Chat with The 2021 Electees

Casey Creutz, Co-Editorial Director, Junior

The Class of ‘25 had an unusual experience with their transition to high school. In the midst of a pandemic, with the freshmen class learning the ins and outs of a new building and new people, the new freshmen SA has their work cut out for them. Freshman elections usually take place in the Spring when students are in eighth grade, but due to COVID, it was pushed to the fall. 

The president of the Class of ‘25, Kira Findikyan, is ecstatic about the new ideas the freshmen SA brings to the table. Findikyan credits her victory to vocalization about her campaign with the student body, both in school and on social media. She had high hopes for both the club fair, and the freshmen’s first Olympics. Findikyan thinks that her dedication, positivity, and hope will help her govern this year. 

“Right off the bat I think it’s going to be a really great year and I’m excited to see what else happens!” Findikyan said.

Kira’s vice president, Brewer, credits a lot of his  success to his running partner, Kira, and to his familiarity with his peers. He’s aiming to bring inclusivity into SA decisions and to give a voice to all the students. He describes his fellow officers as supportive and happy to be involved. Connected, responsible, and optimistic, Anderson is ready to be there for the freshmen in his role as vice president.

Secretary Jeremy Tam may have run unopposed, but he’s no less willing to make a difference this school year.  Accomplish more, and getting the SA hands-on are his primary year-long goals. Tam admitted to the transition being a little stressful, however, he describes freshman year as “an exciting opportunity”. A caring and passionate listener, Tam is happy to be among friends, and will make sure the whole student body feels safe and comfortable at school.