Mental Health Awareness is Vital For Students

Mental Health Awareness is Vital For Students

Matt Michailoff, Co-Clubs Editor, Sophomore

Mental health is a factor in everyone’s life, and maintaining it is principal in being successful. Although some people are more aware of the status of their mental health, millions of people cannot realize unhealthy mental status. As a result, they cannot classify the effects that it has on them. 

A common misconception is that poor mental health has to get diagnosed to be valid or worthy of seeking help. Mental health problems can range from minor symptoms to severe illness, but no matter what it is, mental health cannot be ignored because the problems will only get worse over time. Everyone deserves an outlet to speak out about mental health. 

Over the past year, many measures have been taken to lessen the extremity of the mental health crisis that has taken a significant toll on the population. Specifically, the school has done a great job with outreach on mental health by inviting guest speakers and by counselors making themselves easily available. Community organizations, including Pelham Together, have set up events and provided resources for students. Through social media, influencers and specialists have been speaking out about mental health and sharing their own stories. 

While there have been increased amounts of outreach about mental health recently, there is more that could get done. According to, 1 in 5 teenagers has or will accumulate a mental illness throughout their life. A major problem seems to be that there is not a wide enough variety of mental illnesses getting recognized. People need to hear diverse stories about different demographics and varying mental health problems. If not, then it will be harder for certain people to recognize and understand declining mental health.

Not only can poor mental health bring people down within their minds, but it can be dangerous. Depression and bipolar disorder are two of the highest risk factors of youth suicide, according to If these mental illnesses are not getting treated, there is a risk that they could cause harm.

It is not easy for certain people to speak out about their mental health. There are plenty of individuals and groups that believe that mental health is not valid. This leads to some people not getting the attention and care that they need. By more influential figures speaking out and spreading their thoughts on mental health, it could lessen the stigma.

Everyone plays a part in mental health awareness. Checking up on friends, acknowledging bad mental habits, and making people with mental illness feel heard are actions that everyone can do to have good mental health awareness. Even if someone may appear mentally well, it never hurts to be sure and reach out.