TV Review: Maid


Graphic by Rivy

Ava Paolucci, Co-Features Editor, Junior

“Maid,” a limited series brought to Netflix this fall has caught the attention of many.  The ten episode series tackles dark topics while remaining entertaining and pertinent.  Shining a light on the trials of abuse, and its effects on family life, the show is one not to miss. 

The storyline is based on the true memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Live by Stephanie Land, and was adapted for TV by Molly Smith Metzler (known for her work on “Shameless” and “Orange is the New Black”).  Added to the streaming service on October 1, the show is estimated by Netflix to garner views in 67 million households.  This monumental number would put it on the number five spot for most watched Netflix originals.    

Obviously, the show has garnered a lot of attention, with great lead actress Margaret Qualley playing exceptionally in her role.  The series follows Alex and her two year old daughter, Maddy over a year long time period.  The opening scene shows Alex and her daughter leaving their home in the middle of the night, in order to escape Maddy’s abusive father.  As the two try to figure out life on their own, Alex struggles in custody battles, for living arrangements, and financially.  The show highlights the struggles of those suffering from abusive partners and shines a light on the circles of abuse that tend to travel back generations.  

The way characters develop makes the show what it is.  Every individual has a complicated backstory, revealing their reasons for being the way they are.  Watching the characters grow from their past makes them all the more real, each of their pitfalls feeling like your own.  The acting was fantastic, with Qualley’s vulnerability and fight toward independence making her a very likeable character.  The show’s end is bittersweet, creating hope for the future but leaving lingering doubt for the main characters’ well-being.  

Maid won’t be around for long seeing as it’s a limited series, so be sure to watch soon.