History Bowl Date Announced

Spencer Conrad, Co-Managing Editor, Sophomore

On November 23, 2021 the History Bowl was announced to occur on December 14, 2021. Sign ups were posted in the daily announcements sent by the school. The teams this year are limited to 8 with 4 rooms being 122, 124, 126,128. The event will go from 3:15-5:15 with 3 rounds of competition in each match. Team one will compete against team two in three rounds. The first one is a buzz in which the teams buzz in to answer the questions for 10 points with 10 questions. The next round moves to eight questions based on a singular topic. They have one minute to answer these questions. The last round is when both teams answer questions but the time when they answer matters as they can earn up to 30 points. In the final round there are questions which if one gets right they unlock a bonus question which they can answer. Each question in this round is worth 10 points. The team with the most points moves on.

PMHS Teacher Marc Sirico, the moderator of the team, said the goal this year, “To try to have a near-normal event this year as this is a popular event that has become a tradition at PMHS,”. Last year all of the events were virtual. Now there is an in person contest. 

Sirico also said, “There is no theme. It is an assortment of Global and US History topics.” The history bowl is based on all different topics. If you know history, why not create a team to compete in this year’s history bowl.