Holiday Book Gift Guide

Casey Creutz, Editorial Manager, Junior

Happy Holidays readers! The season of gift-giving is officially upon us, and books are a timeless choice. Good for adults, children, and angsty teens into YA novels, here are some of my top choices of literature to give this holiday season to keep your relatives happy. 

Bossypants: Tina Fey’s book about her time in the comedy world of New York, dappled with anecdotes about childhood, womanhood, and motherhood, Bossypants is the perfect gift for a mother or an aunt who loves MSNBC, sitcoms, and late night talk shows, (most mothers and aunts in my experience). This book is charming, and oddly relatable for a high profile celebrity working on a major TV network. This book can be purchased at your local Barnes and Noble bookstore, and is available on Kindle, Audible, and Amazon. 

Don’t!: This book is a hidden treasure. My father stumbled upon this book in a little bookstore on a family vacation, and it has since been an anecdotal hit among my family. An antiquated book of manners and etiquette, Don’t!’s outdated nature will surely generate plenty of laughs this holiday season. The author aggressively scorns women for their lack of public “lady-like” decorum, and men for their abandonment of chivalry. Over the years my family has loved pulling out this book for a fun read. Although this book is not printed, and not widely available it can be found on Amazon. If you love old books or newspapers with interesting facts, Don’t might be the perfect house-gift to please both older, and younger members of the household.

Not the Heir: Have a young adult in the family? Hudson Warm is the award-winning, teen author of Not the Heir, and has a new novel available for pre-order. For any bookish young adult in your family, or for an addition to your Christmas list, her critically acclaimed novels have the added bonus of being written by a fellow Westchester teenager, who was published as young as a sophomore in high school. Her first novel is a YA fantasy set in a magical kingdom, and is rated for teens ages 13-18. Packed with adventure and excitement, this gift is sure to please any teen reader this holiday season.

Harlem Shuffle: Last, but certainly not least, Colson Whitehead, author of the famed Underground Railroad and Sag Harbor has painted yet another raw image of Black Americans. His works are fictional snapshots of life, based on actual American experience. His latest publication, Harlem Shuffle is a crime fiction, and a portrait of a family in Harlem, New York in the early 60s. A historical shift for Black Americans, set in the home of the birth of black culture in America, Harlem Shuffle is the perfect backdrop for a seat-of-your-pants, nail-biting, heist story. Available at any local bookstore, and online, don’t miss out on the latest from a new collection of great American novels.