Female Athlete of The Issue

Charlotte Krause, Girls Volleyball


Ms. Lori Carlton

Senior Charlotte Krause spikes the volleyball.

Maeve Parmelee, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Senior Charlotte Krause is a crucial member of the girls volleyball team and has contributed greatly to their success. She has averaged 2.9 aces, 11.4 kills and 3 digs per game. The senior is the starting outside hitter and a key component to her team.

Charlotte said, “This team is pretty much the same as it was last year which is new for me. We can all focus more on how we play than on getting to know each other because we already know each other so well.”

Constant determination has led to good results for her team so far this season. The team has had a strong start to their season winning 11 games and only losing 3, and they are poised to win the league.

Mr. Finegan, the Girls Varsity Volleyball coach, said, “Charlotte has been a consistent force both behind the service line and as an outside hitter. Her ability to create opportunities for herself and her teammates is a key to our success.”

Charlotte has been playing volleyball for nine years and has spent three of those years on the Girls Varsity Volleyball team at PMHS. In addition to spending three years on varsity, she also played on a club team for five years with Lower Hudson Volleyball Association.

This is Charlotte’s final season playing on the girls volleyball team. Hopefully she and the team can make a deep run in playoffs.