Lockers and Locker Room Access Still Limited


Emma Laskaj, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Due to the pandemic, individual lockers and the use of locker room space have been closed for student use by the school. The last time students had lockers was right before school went fully virtual in March of 2020. However, recently the administration has begun to reach out to students who wished to once again use them.

Locker rooms were accessible in September through the end of October, but were then closed for contact tracing purposes and to ensure  social distancing. As of right now, there is zero access to lockers and locker rooms.

The school made announcements that they would send out a form asking students if they would like to receive a locker or not. This was supposed to take place after Thanksgiving break, but the form was sent out much later, asking students to only fill out the form if they were interested in receiving a locker. Lockers will only be given out if one-third or less of the student body wants lockers. Only those who fill out the Google form will receive a locker due to COVID-19 regulations. 

Locker rooms are a place used for student-athletes to leave their bags, equipment and uniforms for after-school sports, but the restricted use of the lockers has left some students without any option but to walk around carrying two bags, and without a protected space for them to change besides bathrooms which are small, and fill up quickly. While winter sports are in full swing, the school is not giving students still struggle without the resources they need to be able to participate.