Findikyan, Conrad, Conrad and Michailoff Victorious at NYS Latin Competition

“Victoribus spolia ire” – to the victors go the spoils


Spencer Conrad (l) and Matt Michailoff (r) show off their “spoils”.

Gavin Kleinberger, Sports Editor, Junior

On November 6, 2021 four PMHS students participated in a state-wide Latin Competition. In both individual tests and group competitions, seniors Ulysses Conrad and James Findikyan had great success in the Latin 4 division of the competitions, and Ulysses Conrad won the individual test. Sophomores Spencer Conrad and Matthew Michailoff took home first place in the Latin 3 competition, with Spencer Conrad securing first place in the individual testing. 

The competition was held at East Aurora Highschool in Western New York, however, students around the state competed virtually via Google Meet. For each individual section of the competition, the participants were given 1 hour to complete the test. For the group competitions, the contestants were only given 10 seconds to respond to the question. This strict time limit showed the impressive skills of the participants from PMHS. There were four rounds of these tests, and Spencer Conrad finished in first place in all of them at the Latin 3 level. His brother, Ulysses Conrad, won multiple tests at the Latin 4 level of the competitions. 

The students who competed in the Latin 3 event were introduced to the competition through their Latin teacher, Ms. Michaud. This year’s state-wide Latin Competition was a great success. Of the four students who completed, all were able to win in multiple categories of the contest.