Snack With Zach: Reviewing Cafeteria Food


Zach Long, News Editor, Senior

School cafeteria food has a bad reputation in America of being gross, unhealthy, and overall not appetizing to eat. At PMHS, our school offers a wide variety of lunches that students can eat, however, are they really all that good? Let’s review the food! 

First up to bat is the Chicken Bowl with Gravy and Fluffy Mashed Potatoes. This meal is one of the better dishes that is being served at PMHS. Chopped up chicken cutlet is placed in a crusted bread bowl and then topped off with gravy, with mashed potatoes served on the side. The chicken is actually very tender and the mashed potatoes with gravy are exceptionally creamy. Make sure to get this meal whenever it is offered.

The Turkey and Cheese Nachos are unfortunately sub par compared with the rest of the lunches served in our cafeteria. There is a salad offered with the nachos, however, this “salad” is just chopped up lettuce and a singular sliced tomato. The turkey meat and cheese are served separately in different places on the tray. The “nachos” are chips from the Tostitos Baked Scoops chip bag. This being said, the turkey meat is seasoned pretty well, and pairs nicely with the chips. However, the cheese has a plasticky feel and is not great. Overall, I would not try this menu item again. 

The Cheeseburger and Fries is a PMHS classic lunch cafeteria food item. You can never go wrong with this menu item. One of the only food services offered after 7th period, this is a dish that will satisfy your hunger. The Cheeseburger is pre-packaged in tin foil, keeping it warm but also a little bit soggy later on in the day. The fries are usually good, but can sometimes be lackluster. 

The Chicken Lettuce Wrap is another PMHS classic item. Older students may remember the sandwich station in the cafeteria before the pandemic. Students would be able to make their own wrap or roll with their own choice of meat, cheese, and condiments. This option is no longer available to students, however, there are pre-made wraps such as the Chicken Lettuce Wrap available. A quick grab-n-go lunch item, the wrap is contained in plastic wrap, and is great for when students need a bite and don’t want to wait in line for a different lunch.

The Chicken Parmesan Over Pasta is the last meal that I tried. Served with apple slices and steamed broccoli, this dish was not one of my favorites. The two huge chunks of steamed broccoli were not all that appealing to me, and it also didn’t taste good. The apple slices come in a plastic bag supplying about 6 or 7 of them; you can never go wrong with these. The pasta was rotini shaped, and I have nothing bad to say about them. However, the chicken parm with melted cheese over it was not very good. Also, the food was hard to cut with plastic utensils. Not one of my favorites, but try it out if you have the chance.