Pelham Administration Limits Spectators at Basketball Games


Michael G. Seamans

A smattering of fans spread out in the stands will be a continuing sight.

Caroline Michailoff, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Senior

PMHS basketball games were initially given the restriction of  limited spectators. While no other schools in the section and county had limits on spectators, Pelham administrators made the decision that specifically basketball games were limited to two spectators per player.

“Because last year was so funky, it showed all of us (of all sports even) what we were missing. Spectators are a huge part of each sport; they keep the energy up and encourage everyone to play their best,” said Ella Miller, Senior captain of the girls varsity basketball team. “Not only is it important for the teams, but students are able to come together when they are rooting for the same thing.”

A petition was made by Miller to lift the restrictions on spectators. 

“The petition was meant to showcase how important people think spectators are, and how the players should not have another year of funk when it is not needed,” Miller said. 

The feeling of community can be stripped from a game without spectators, even more so when other schools in the league don’t have restrictions, bringing down everyone and putting Pelham teams at a disadvantage. 

The district has since updated the policy on events at the secondary campus (i.e. sporting events in the Middle School Gym/Ice Hutch and concerts in the Gym/High School Auditorium) which was sent out in an email to all students and parents by Dr. Lauro, the interim superintendent, and is as follows: 

  • Students and adults will be allowed to attend these events on a first-come, first-serve basis up to the maximum capacity allowed with the above-mentioned distancing
  • To maximize available capacity, there will be a student section in the MS gym bleachers with 3-feet distancing and an adult section with 6-feet distancing, which will allow approximately 132 spectators given the respective distancing for adults and students (44 adults at 6 feet distancing and 88 students at 3 feet distancing). We will be flexible based on the number of adults/students to allow the maximum number of spectators so long as the distancing requirements are met
  • When space on the gym floor is available (i.e. for concerts), additional seating may be added
  • At sporting events, attendees from opposing teams will be allowed to attend subject to the physical distancing requirements
  • School security personnel will keep track of the number of spectators and may allow additional attendees based on available space
  • No spectators will be allowed into the venue once maximum capacity has been reached
  • In accordance with the State’s universal mask mandate for schools, all attendees are required to wear masks properly at all times.