“It Was… (A Masked Christmas),” an Accidental Hit

Graphic Credit: Republic Label

Graphic Credit: Republic Label

Julian Knapp, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Last week on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon premiered an original song he recorded with Ariana Grande and Meghan Thee Stallion.  The tune is called “It Was A Masked Christmas.” 

Fallon is not a singer, but as he told the audience, “it’s basically about how last year was just rough on everybody. I wanted to say, “it’s going to get better.” 

The song is made up of funny pandemic-themed verses that everyone can relate to, such as: “It was a masked Christmas,” “We hopped on a Zoom (hopped on a Zoom),” and “I can only get WiFi in the laundry room (laundry room).”

The line “we’ll be in line for a booster” appears at the end of every chorus, not only memorializing the times that we live in, but reminding people to get the booster shot for protection against Covid-19.

With a music video featuring images of soft sweaters, and falling snow, 80s synth, and soft-rock vocals, the song mimics the feel of George Michael’s “Last Christmas” (which happens to rhyme with “Masked Christmas”). With over one million plays since it debuted on December 6th, and a place on Spotify’s Christmas Pop Spotify playlist, it looks like the song will be a part of our holiday season this year.