Elton John’s New Single, “Finish Line” is a Glimpse into the Iconic Album to Come


Photo Credits: Elton John

Julian Knapp, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Elton John, who has been writing songs for decades, released a new song on October 22 called “Finish Line.” The song is part of an album titled The Lockdown Sessions . The single features Stevie Wonder, as well as Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir, while the full length recording will feature additional songs with collaborations by a diverse range of musicians. The ten song album features collaborations with Dua Lipa, Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

Produced by Andrew Watt, the album was recorded over eighteen months during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Finish Line” has a heavenly vibe, thanks to the sounds of the choir, and has a punchy rhythmic drumline which gives the song a joyful feeling. It opens with the sounds of piano, letting listeners know that this is the legendary Elton John. 

The musicians were interviewed by Billboard about their experience working together. According to Elton John, “Stevie Wonder’s talent is beyond ridiculous. When you listen to what he does vocally and instrumentally on ‘Finish Line’ you think, this is a true genius here.” 

Stevie Wonder said, “It is both a joy and honor to sing, play piano and harmonica for Elton.”

The two singers, who have previously collaborated, trade verses and sing about making up for mistakes from their past. The song lyrics reflect on more than fifty years of friendship between the musicians:

“I’ve been down the darkest alleys

Been to the bottom where the angels cry

Thought it had all been, all for nothing

Until I saw you at the finish line”

They have clearly cherished their friendship, as reflected by the lyrics “All along, you have been the song that I wanna hear.”

Some of the music “took me out of my comfort zone into completely new territory,” Elton John said.

“At the start of my career, in the late 60s, I worked as a session musician. Working with different artists during lockdown reminded me of that,” John said. 

If the first single is any indication, the album will be one to look forward to. This is the work of an iconic musician recording in an iconic time. It’s definitely worth a listen.