Interim AP Mr. Thomas Leaves


Ellie O'Sullivan

Jonathon Thomas leaves his interim position at PMHS, to continue as a college professor and advisor at Pace University.

Spencer Conrad, Co-Managing Editor, Sophomore

Mr. Thomas, the interim Assistant Principal who served while Ms. Antonelli was on leave, had his last day on February 18. He had previously retired from serving as a guidance counselor at Pleasantville High School, and prior to that was Vice Principal at Valhalla High School. He came on board here at Pelham in December of 2021. He was a familiar face and an amiable presence in the hallways, and he made a great effort to meet the students and get to know them despite his short term.

Thomas said, “My time at PMHS has been wonderful. I have truly enjoyed working with everyone here. From the staff and teachers to the students and parents, everyone has been welcoming, supportive and positive. PMHS is a special place with a great, unique quality to it that I hope everyone recognizes and respects.”

Thomas had also been a presence at Student Association meetings where Mr. Berkowitz and he suggested school-wide virtual assemblies. He also visited the school chorus every day.

Thomas will now be moving on with his position as a college professor and supervisor at Pace University. He will be able to help many students aspiring to be teachers to complete their goal.

Thomas also said, “I would like to thank Mr. Berkowitz, all of the teachers and staff, the parents and most importantly the students at PMHS for welcoming me so graciously and making my time here an experience I will enjoy looking back on. You won’t get rid of me too easily, though. I have been encouraged to return for Olympics and the juniors are holding a spot for me on their team!”