Wordle Takeover


Spencer Conrad, Co-Managing Editor, Sophomore

Wordle has become a huge craze, sweeping across the entire country. Wordle was a site created by Welsh-born software developer, John Wardle, in New York. He created the game’s prototype in 2013, but shelved it for a few years. He created the game for his partner. When the pandemic hit, he finished working on it and released it shortly thereafter. It consisted of a board of 5 by 6 tables where there is a 5 letter word that one has to guess. The game has been captivating for many people for many reasons. 

The game gives you six tries to guess a five letter word. As each correct letter is revealed, the letter changes colors: yellow if the letter is in the word but in the wrong position, and green if the letter appears in the word and is in the exact position.

Ulysses Conrad, a senior, said, “I usually like to start with “soapy” or “quiet” to get in multiple letters to get the word limited to a certain number of letters.” 

There were many variants from the original word game. A notable one released was Worldle. This geography variant requires a person to guess a country that is shown in a black silhouette. Once a guess is given, the kilometer distance away from the country and the distance from the location is shown to narrow down the area. 

Another version is the Harry Styles variant. Players have to guess a 5 letter word based off of songs written by Harry Styles. A third variant is The Wordle Unlimited. The site allows  the traditional game with more options. The guesser is allowed to choose the amount of letters in the words they are playing with. The amount of letters allows for better versatility and it even gives hints. 

Ulysses Conrad also said, “Wordle is also a great way to expand vocabulary and learn new words to use.”

Wordle was recently bought by the New York Times, but it remains free to all who wish to play. It only takes a few minutes a day.