TV Review: The Book of Boba-Fett


Spencer Conrad, Co-Managing Editor, Sophomore

The Book of Boba Fett is a new television series that aired its first episode on December 29, 2021. The show’s gripping finale aired on February 9, which included many characters from shows previously written in The Star Wars Universe. The show has the main characters Boba Fett played by Temura Morrison, Fennec Shand played by Ming-Na Wen, and The Mandalorian which is played by Pedro Pascal. 

The premise of the show is that Boba Fett, who has survived his encounter with The Sarlacc Pit, has taken over Jabba’s palace and crime empire. Boba Fett, with the help of Fennec Shand, is learning to control his newfound empire. They now have to deal with an unfamiliar climate of politics in the town of Mos Espa, all the while Boba Fett’s past comes to haunt him. He experiences flashbacks when he lies in The Bacta Tank recounting times before he became the new Daimyo, leader of Mos Espa. 

The show has received high rankings from critics with many critical reviews on the story. The show received a 100% on Rotten tomatoes for the 5th episode. Unlike other Disney shows, specifically The Mandalorian, it did not receive a lot of the high praise that the other shows received coming off of the predictable plot. Though it was predictable at times it was always very exciting. 

The villains of this show, an eclectic group, are powerful individuals who threaten to overpower Boba Fett. They have contracted the services of many powerful individuals and a surprise character makes an appearance in the star wars universe. The show effectively handles the idea of how hard governing is, and how important it is to stick to one’s beliefs. The acting of the show is excellent overall, and the theme is well executed.