Mandarin Teacher Zhu Leaves; Eremita Arrives


Chinny Njoku

On her first day in class, Ms. Eremita told her students, “Learning another language is like having a second soul.”

Ellie O’Sullivan, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Senior

Ms. Zhu, the high school and middle school Mandarin teacher, suddenly announced her leave from the Pelham Schools, and in mid-February, the world language students found themselves without a teacher.

“It was pretty surprising to have our teacher leave so suddenly. The limbo in between teachers was also pretty weird, but I’m so glad that I finally got to meet the new teacher!” senior Leya Ivanov said.

Students had been expecting to meet their new teacher, Yibing Eremita, the week they returned from February break, but were told Eremita would not be in class on March 7.

Ms. Eremita previously taught at Croton-Harmon High School and the Huaxia Chinese School of Greater New York. She joins the world language staff and will be teaching all grades from 6th to 12th.

Although it is an unprecedented circumstance, the students’ passion for Mandarin will continue, and they will pick back up right where they left off