Critics’ Corner: TV Review – “Euphoria”


Angelic Menzel, Co-Managing Editor, Senior

On June 16, 2019 the first season of the show Euphoria was released on HBO Max and was met with an incredible response from the public. Viewers follow around characters throughout their dramatic high school experience, and their tumultuous interactions with each other. Due to popular demand, a second season was released on January 9. The plot picks up from where it last left off after main character Rue’s relapse, when her best friend Jules took a train and left for the city.

In the second season, viewers will get the chance to see the development of Euphoria’s main characters as well as new additions to the show. There is a sense of explosiveness when it comes to the direction that the producers decide to take. Viewers will notice a marked change in relationships. There is also a stronger focus on the consequences of the main characters’ actions. The show begins to delve deeper into important themes including Rue’s self-destructive drug addiction, Nate Jacobs’s toxic behavior towards his family, friends, and romantic relationships, as well as the common idea of expectations versus realities in relationships.

There seems to be a new take in the artistic details that come into focus as well. In particular the cinematography has changed, and it was noted that a new camera is being used for filming. Season two was shot entirely with a Kodak Ektachrome motion picture film. This was intentionally done in hopes of creating a more vibrant look. If season one was a house party at 2am, season 2 should feel like 5am, past the point when everyone should have left. Season two feels like some sort of memory of high school. Emotionally the Ektachrome film felt like the best choice,” Marcell Rev, Director of photography said.

The season finale, which aired on February 27, was intense based on the extreme plot line that was expertly developed.