The Go-Kits

The Go-Kits

William Johnson

Introducing the Go-Kits, Pelham’s new safety item in the classroom. It is a red bag that hangs beside the door. It is meant to be a  portable bag filled with emergency supplies left in a secure location to be ready to “go” at any time.

Public Information Officer Alex Wolff says, “The Go-Kits were purchased district-wide after it was recommended by our security consultants at Altaris Consulting Group and our District Safety Committee. They contain basic supplies that teachers can have handy in the event of an emergency.”

They are to be used in case someone gets hurt in a lockdown, lockout, or fire drill. They have medical supplies like band-aids, ice packs, and other supplies. They also have food in them in case people get hungry waiting for a drill to end.

The kits include bags of water, hand sanitizer, tissue packs, whistle, lanyard, duck tape, paper towel rolls, plastic bags, and more. Even though it has tons of equipment that will definitely come in handy, there are a couple of recommended items that would also be useful such as a current student roster, emergency contact information for students, and age-appropriate items that pass time such as cards, crayons, games. The go-kits will play an important role in future emergency exits and will make them more manageable.