Should New Year’s Resolutions Still Exist?

Kady Finegan, Staff Writer, Sophomore

At the end of each year, everyone seems to be asking each other the same question. “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” For some, this is easy to answer; in fact sometimes they are excited to respond to this question. Although for others, this is something they don’t want to answer, and find quite ridiculous to talk about.

New Year’s resolutions are a popular tradition around the world used to make goals for the New Year to become a better person. These goals could be going to a new gym, or trying to eat healthier. These resolutions are a sufficient way for people to become more organized and put together for the upcoming year. 

Although these resolutions seem to be a good idea, many people just don’t go through with them. It might be too difficult to go to the gym, or they miss junk food too much. So maybe New Year’s Resolutions may not be for everyone. For some, they are extremely determined and want to go through with their goals, while others just see them as useless ideas.

It has been very difficult for me to go through with New Year’s Resolutions in the past. I have just seen them as a waste of time and I usually just forget about them since other things are going on in my life. 

2021 was a rough year for everyone, and I was seeing many of my friends and family say they were making resolutions. So I thought maybe it could be a good idea to create multiple Resolutions. These are just small goals I made for myself, that I have written down and hung up to remind myself to read more, work out, etc. 

New Year’s Resolution can be a great way to create goals for yourself and become a better person. They also can be too big and difficult of a goal for people to complete. New Year’s Resolutions being a good idea really just depends on the person who created the goal. Sophomore, Izzy Turner has followed through with her resolutions so far this year. Her Resolution this year is to read more often.

Turner said, “I definitely see it as a permanent idea because I enjoy reading, but it’s hard to get into the rhythm – so setting up this goal will help me keep up.”