Spirit Week Boosts Morale


Ellie O'Sullivan

Principal Berkowitz perfects his stance.

Spencer Conrad, Co-Managing Director, Sophomore

Following five fun “dress-up” days, the school devoted the last half of Friday, March 25 to a few fun events as the culmination of Spirit Week. Beginning 7th period, students participated in a school-wide trivia game over Google Meet. The game finished with a virtual “pep rally” in which both the winter and spring sport athletes were featured in a video for each team.

To cap off the pep rally, PMHS students and faculty faced off in a Big Bat Bopper Baseball game. The event was created by the SA to have a spirit event after Olympics was postponed to June. Leading up to the event, there were five themes for each day of the week of March 21 with highlights being wear anything but a backpack day, and dress like a teacher day. These events both had wide school participation.

Junior Audrey Levenson said, “I thought that it was a great way to connect with my friends in a unique way and have a fun in-school experience for an afternoon.”

The winter and spring pep rally was formatted with trivia in which different classrooms competed against each other. The ninth period teacher big bat game was a new event this year. The students faced teachers while Mr. Beck and Mr. Powers added some hilarious commentary. Mr. Johnson pitched for the teachers to start. There were great plays from the students and teachers, including three home runs from the students, but despite the best efforts of the teachers, the students beat the faculty 37-16.

Junior Gavin Kleinberger said, “It created a good atmosphere similar to Olympics in the school.”