Centennial Report: Our First Memorial Tablet Winners


The Pel Mel Staff did an investigative report on what happened to some of the first recipients of the Memorial Tablet.

The Memorial Tablet is hung in the front hall on which are engraved each year the names of the two students of the Senior Class who have attained, in the opinion of the faculty, the highest mental, moral, and physical development. The faculty takes into consideration the following characteristics:

  1. Scholastic achievement
  2. Application (industry, concentration, wise use of time)
  3. Attitude toward others
  4.  Honesty, courage, devotion to duty, courtesy, and unselfishness
  5. Exhibition of qualities of leadership
  6. School spirit and range of interests
  7. Successful participation in school athletics

Students do not have to score high in all of these considerations, but Memorial Tablet winners are students who represent the best of these overall qualities.

May 2022 Centerfold