CRITICS’ CORNER: Music Review – “Melodic Blue” by Baby Keem


Graphic by Rivy

Ollie Fanuele, Staff Reporter, Junior

The Melodic Blue by Baby Keem was dropped in September of 2021 and was the third studio album for Baby Keem. Much of the success of this album was due to the prior achievement of his second album, which includes his most popular song “Orange Soda”. Keem was also able to work with larger, more famous people in the industry such as Travis Scott, Ye West, and most notably Kendrick Lamar.

The album was filled with hits (most of which Keem wrote himself), and was able to captivate both old and new listeners. The album starts off with the song, “Trade-Mark USA” which includes a forlorn intro: “I can’t help but feel neglected.” This comes prior to a generally authoritative flow with both powerful and grimy beats that create a sinister feel. There’s a beat switch midway through the song, paired with vocals from Rosalia. The song gives Keem a clear character portrait which is shown throughout the track a he reflects on his father, eviction and, at some points, spirituality. Throughout the track, Keem shows his ambition, his intent, and creativity.

Another highlight track is “Vent.” This track is completely packed with pure rage and is accompanied by an equally aggressive beat. The beat brings back the sinister and eerie feel from “Trade-Mark USA.”

Two tracks which have a far more somber tone are “Issues” and “16”. The track “Issues” takes a lot of inspiration from Kanye’s 808s from the beat to the mannerism of the song. In the song we hear Keem singing about persistent memories, wanting to run away from either family, his past, or just a general need to escape. The track uses throbbing beats and glistening piano trills, paired with Keem’s vocals.

The final song on the track is “16” which is more melodic. The song is a perfect send-off for the album, contrasting the “aggressive” nature of the opening portion of the album.

While there is little wrong with the album some feel its unfinished, and the production, at times, seems chaotic. Overall, however, the album is a success and proves that while Keem might have room to grow, he has a lot of potential and a great range of talent.