CRITICS’ CORNER: TV Review – Back to 15


Graphic by Rivy

Julian Knapp, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Back To 15 is a Brazilian TV-14 comedy drama series that debuted on Netflix on February 25, 2022. Though the show is filmed in Portuguese, and optionally translated to English, it is worth the challenge to watch. The series starts out with a disheartened 30 year old woman, named Anita who finds a way to travel back in time to 2006, and revert to her 15-year-old self.

She travels to 2006 several times, trying to fix past problems with her future knowledge. Anita mainly uses a social media application called Photo-Plog to time travel; when she posts a new photo either from her past life or her future life her time line is altered. What makes this show so unique is the relevance it has to people struggling in their adulthood. As an adult, Anita gets the power to go back to her freshman year of high school, attempting to fix parts of her life. In addition, she deals with a lot of conflict on the show both internally and externally. When she almost gets humiliated in high school she takes her power back and ends up making fun of all of her enemies. Some adults may wish to have this opportunity or to at least reflect upon their past like Anita does.

The cast includes Maisa Silva as young Anita, Camila Queiroz as older Anita, and is produced by Vivianne Jundi and Dainara Toffoli, two women who each have twenty years of experience producing and directing television shows. There are only six episodes in the first season, and each episode is 40 minutes. This new program seems to be relatively popular right now. For the moment, it has a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, but this is most likely a temporary number because there aren’t enough ratings yet.

This show gets my recommendation.  The characters are likable and very relatable. Most teenagers wonder whether the choices they make in high school will affect their  future, and everyone has moments they wish they could go back in time to change! This is a fun way to see what might happen if that fantasy ever came true.