Poetry Café: An Event For Better or Verse


Kate Loughran

Senior Kathryn Alexander recites a poetry piece for an enraptured audience.

Cristian Colombo, Staff Reporter, Senior

The Poetry Café is a an annual tradition, where students and faculty can express themselves through poetry, music and verse. This year the event was hosted on April 8, helmed by the staff of DOOR Magazine along with advisers Mrs. Kiessling and Mrs. O’Brien. Poetry Cafe aims to build students’ appreciation for poetry.

Each period was hosted by a member of DOOR, who opened up the show by inviting the crowd to perform, be attentive listeners, and to snap their fingers instead of applauding at the end of each performance.

Upon entering room 237, which was decorated with sparkling lights and lanterns, visitors sat on oriental rugs and bean bag chairs. This atmosphere invited students to sit back with their friends, relax, purchase snacks, and enjoy good spoken-word writing.

This year’s performances included students who played guitar and even a few who read poetry in a number of languages.

Sophomore Spencer Conrad created his own poem, entitled “The Sea and The Country,” which he wrote in Latin. Junior Daniel Teleshevsky also read a poem in Hebrew. Senior Aidan Zusin read “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me” by David Romano.

Although it is unknown when Poetry Café started, it is believed to have been around for 30 years, possibly being the brainchild of now-retired English teacher Mr. Rivellini. It’s certainly a tradition we hope continues.