Young Republicans Club and Young Democrats Club Hold First Debate


Sara Harris, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

The Young Democrats and Young Republicans faced off for a much touted debate on March 15. The event, held in room 128, had teachers/advisers Mr. Sirico and Mr. Ferrari acting as moderators. The Republican students were, appropriately, seated on the right, with the Democrats facing them on the left. The room also had an audience of observers, as a few gathered in interest to watch.

Senior Aidan Zusin of the Young Republicans and seniors Analia Casey and Lily Brewer, president and vice president of the Young Democrats participated as unbiased mediators, responsible for instigating discussion, keeping club members civil and discourse deliberate.

The topics debated ranged from immigration to the minimum wage, with arguments centered around statistics and technicalities. As one may assume, arguments got heated, but on the whole, leaders seemed to keep their members in line, with the idea that despite this being a debate, the end goal was broadening the minds of PMHS students.

Although a certain lack of organization was, at times, evident, that was to be expected at this first meeting of the groups.
As a result, there was no end time decided upon, leading many students to abruptly leave.

Though frustrating, Zusin persisted, and when asked if the debate itself was a success, many, including the administrators, replied an enthusiastic yes.

Zusin will be graduating shortly, but he hopes that this initial attempt at civil discourse will continue in the future.