Status Report: Spring Track

Spencer Conrad, Co-Managing Editor, Sophomore

Spring Track has begun and the season is off to a good start. The season is half way through and the team has already participated in 3 dual meets against two other teams. It has been a difficult start to the season, with meets being canceled. The team has worked hard through the adversity however, thanks in part to their coaches James Marcotulio and Scott Brown.

Sophomore runner Padraig Pearlman reported on the season, “Everyone is working hard and we have a lot of runners who are making a lot of big accomplishments. We’re all looking forward to the rest of the season and our important meets.”

The team is working hard to finish the season with the league championship coming up soon. This is a very important competition for the spring track team. Everyone has been focused toward this tournament from the start.

For this sport, the individual improves themselves but they will help the team place better. They have been training hard to do better for the remaining upcoming meets and for a new season next year.