New Year, New Olympic Events

Evan Kaplansky, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

In 1975 PMHS’ first Olympic games took place, established by a former superintendent Charles Wilson. Recently Wilson passed away, but he left us a tradition that students look forward to every year. Olympics gives students the chance to be creative, clever, and competitive across all four grades.

Last year’s Olympics happened in April and was split amongst each grade’s cohorts, many felt it was just not the same. Some complained that it dulled down the school spirit of previous years. This year, for the first time in 45 years, pans of it will take place outdoors, allowing for students to be all together, and providing the opportunity to create new and interesting events for students to enjoy. These events include water balloon toss, kickball, touch football, and sponge relay.

The water balloon toss pairs students who will toss their balloons simultaneously taking a step back every catch; gradually becoming more difficult. The last group standing that hasn’t popped their balloon wins.

The Sponge Relay is another new event that aims to add a level of intensity to the Olympics. Every group has a sponge and their objective is to empty one bucket full of water and fill another one up running between the two. The first group to empty their bucket full of water using their sponge wins.

The addition of these and other new events will help to bring some gold medal fun to the traditional games.