POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Should Senior Pranks Return to Pelham?



By Spencer Conrad, Sophomore

There are many different traditions at PMHS that have shaped how our school is viewed. Traditions like the Olympics have been beneficial because they bring us closer together. However, another infamous tradition, Senior Pranks, has been discontinued due to the severity of the last prank in 2003. It involved cementing the front door shut, blocking faculty parking with student cars, and placing a dead fish in one of the rest rooms. These pranks took it too far and are a perfect of example as to why they must stop.

Some may claim that the school system has never actually cared about these pranks. However, in May of 2003, with a month’s notice before the prank usually takes place, students were warned actions hurting or damaging property would not be tolerated. Principal at the time, G. Thomas Stella, detailed punishment could include a possible police referral and not being able to participate in graduation. Despite these warnings, the prank happened and that was the last straw for the PMHS administration.

First off, this tradition led to possible safety risks. The cemented door could have caused issues with getting in or out, posing a problem in the case of an evacuation. These pranks went to unnecessary extremes and were rightly shelved from ever happening again. Students have shown that they cannot be trusted to make respectful decisions that will hurt the school or the safety of others. So looking toward the future, one can hope Senior Pranks stay in the past.



By Zach Long, Senior

For many, senior year is among the most memorable and exciting time of their lives. It is a year of tradition: Olympics, Skip Day, Prom, Haunted House, etc. The list goes on and on. However, one senior tradition that fails to be seen at PMHS is the Senior Prank.

The tradition of Senior Pranks ended because of the Class of 2003. What was alarming with this prank was that, they decided to cement the front door of the high school building shut. The students caused severe damage to the building, which caused Senior Pranks to end. That being said, just because one senior class was foolish, does not mean the tradition should be ruined for the following senior classes.

There are a couple main reasons why Senior Pranks are important and should be reinstated at PMHS. First of all, they help seniors create ever-lasting memories of their high school experience. Also, Senior Pranks serve almost as a “send-off” for the senior class. Seniors try to be as creative and original as possible in these pranks in effort to create a lasting impression on their school district.

Of course, Senior Pranks must have some sort of regulation or disaster could strike again. A successful prank would result in mild embarrassment, confusion, or annoyance is produced. For example, filling up classrooms with balloons is a very basic prank, and sufficiently annoying. While the tradition may cause aggravation for the education board, it is just a prank. There is no foul play or harm intended, just a bit of carelessness and kids trying to be funny, while making happy senior memories.