Pelham walks for Alzheimer’s


Participants walk for the Westchester Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Padraig Pearlman, Editorials Editor

Over 1,000 people participated in the annual Westchester Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which took place on October 2 at the campus of Westchester Community College in Valhalla. Aiming to raise awareness and donations for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, the participants completed thier choice of either a half-mile or 1.5-mile walk around the campus. Many participants had been personally affected by Alzheimer’s, while others walked simply out of support for the cause.

“I really enjoyed this experience because it allowed me to grow closer to this community,” said junior Soroush Rassi. Rassi was a co-captain for the Pelham team along with junior Prashaan Malwana.

“Alzheimer’s runs in my family, so the cause is personal to me,” said Malwana. He declined to speak further on his experience.

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder, mostly affecting the elderly, that impairs memory and thinking skills.  The most common type of dementia, it is a progressive disease that often leads to loss of the ability to hold conversations and respond to the environment. The walk raised over $510,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association which funds research towards treatments and cures for Alzheimer’s.

“Being able to support such an amazing cause while surrounded by like-minded people is truly just so enriching, and we hope for other students to join us as we continue to support those with Alzheimer’s,” said Malwana.

Other PMHS team members included freshman Sina Rassi, and juniors Adriana Craig, Jackie Penetta, and Ines Rollan. At the time of writing, the team has raised over $1,390. Contribute at the team website.