New Year, New Rules: New School Policies

Matt Michailoff, Features Editor, Junior

The school district has made several altercations to both the official code of conduct and the safety plan. While much of the protocols have remained consistent with last school year, several alterations have been made for the 2022-23 school year.

“The district-wide plan is responsive to the needs of all schools in the District and is consistent with the more detailed building-level emergency plans,” according to the district website. 

A distinct change to the safety plan is the identification lanyards which high school students must keep visible and carry around with them. 

The lanyards which yield students’ identification cards are both a security measure and an indicator of grade level. Green, orange, yellow and red lanyards are worn by freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors respectively. Freshmen do not have open-campus privileges this school year, meaning that they are not allowed to leave the campus during their lunch periods. Students caught doing so are subject to 1 day of in-school suspension.

Stricter cell phone rules have further been implemented with students being permitted from using their cell phones in class or study halls. In addition, students are not permitted to use non school-issued computers or devices during class time.

Another major concern of discipline is dress code. Both dress code violations and use of cell phones without permission are considered Level I infractions in the PMHS Student Handbook. Depending on the amount of infractions, disciplinary actions can range from a warning to 1-2 days of in-school suspension.

Within the last year, the district has taken several steps to improve safety in the schools including working with a security company, the addition of the red backpacks, and strides to enhance communication among the community. These actions most directly came as a result of a social media concern within the high school in November 2021.