Music Review: Midnights


Graphic by Rivy

Kady Finegan, Staff Reporter, Junior

With weeks of built up anticipation and excitement for her 10th studio album from fans all over the world, Taylor Swift released “Midnights” at midnight on October 21. This is Swift’s first release since “Red (Taylors Version)” in 2021.

One creative aspect about Swift’s albums is they all have different sounds and genres, and Midnights follows this theme. As a whole, this album has its own creative sound that makes it stand out compared to her other albums, while some of the individual tracks are similar to past ones.

There are songs on this album for any mood you might be in. If you’re looking for upbeat songs, great choices are album opener Lavender Haze, Bejeweled, and powerful fan favorite Karma. If you’re looking for something slower, Labyrinth and Sweet Nothing are beautiful and flowy tracks in the album. As a whole, the album has a creative mix of songs which assures it to be exciting. 

The only collaboration on the album is Snow On The Beach featuring Lana Del Ray. This song is very beautiful and both singers’ voices blend gracefully together. A complaint I have of this track is Lana Del Ray can barely be heard and does not have solo verses. This song could have been elevated further if Lana Del Ray was featured more.

Fans knew little about the album before its release except the track names. Swift made up for this with an announcement during Thursday Night Football on October 21. She stated that Midnights is a visual album, meaning every song on the album will have a music video. Anti Hero was the first one released, showing Swift’s internal negative thoughts about herself.

Momentarily after the release of Midnights, Swift announced that she created 7 bonus tracks for the album that would be released at 3AM. Some stand out songs from the bonus tracks are Paris, and Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve. Paris is an entertaining track through and through and easy to dance to. On the other hand, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve is a somber piece and fans speculate that the song is about Swift’s ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. 

Following the release, Midnights broke multiple records. On Friday October 21, Midnights became the most streamed album in a single day on Spotify. She also broke her own record for biggest streaming year by a female artist on Spotify. Beyond Spotify records, in just 2 days, Midnights had sold 500k in vinyl albums alone. 

Midnights proves, as Taylor Swift releases more music, she continues to get better. She is able to explore different genres and create beautiful music. If you’re looking for something new and fresh to listen to, Midnights is a well crafted album and worth a listen!