PMHS Construction Comes to End After Two Years

Ava Paolucci, Editor in Chief

After closing for over a year, the commons have been re-opened to students. The landings on the main entrance stairs have shed their ominous double doored caution tape and once again reveal the seating area so integral to the building.
“The commons weren’t really closed because of the commons they were closed because of the structural work that needed to happen with the steel beams on the facade of the main entrance. Frankly they were looking at some of the stonework on the main entrance. and when they went to look at the stones, they had to look at the steel beams and they realized there was more work that needed to be done,” said Mr. Berkowitz in an interview.
The opening of the commons also came along with dismembering of the scaffolding that has covered the main entrance of the school for the last year and a half. The project included stones being taken down and re-cast, along with new windows being added. The changes were designed to blend into what the building already offers, but the new windows can be seen to have a blue pane instead of brown.
“There is other construction work happening in the building; I feel confident this particular job has been completed,” said Berkowitz. “I love seeing students sitting in them and looking happy. It’s also just a real reality that every student who has been in the high school for more than one year feels that having the commons close not only literally enclosed the experience, but the blocking of the sunlight made a huge difference and I think it is just so much more beautiful.”