Athlete of the Issue: Kaitlin Sheehy


Senior Kaitlyn Sheehy prepares her favorite ball to practice

Cristina Stefanizzi, Staff Reporter, Senior

Senior Kaitlin Sheehy was named the number one bowler in the league on Dec. 5. “It feels really good to be named the number one bowler in the league,” Sheehy said. “It was a really big surprise. I did not expect to receive the honor of number one bowler in the league, it was a shock when I first found out.”

The bowling team was formed this year and will run for the duration of the winter season. The girls team, consisting of ten bowlers, is coached by April Clapp. The boys team has seven bowlers and is coached by Michael Green. Clapp coached the varsity field hockey team, where Sheehy was goalie back on October 7. Green coaches the varsity cross country team and the JV boys lacrosse team in addition to the bowling team.
“Clapp was really excited about the prospect of starting a bowling team at Pelham during our Field Hockey season,” Sheehy said. “Her excitement encouraged me and my friends to join the team as our winter sport, and I’m really glad we did.”
Clapp bowls for two bowling leagues, and has never missed her Friday bowling match until the homecoming game in Oct.
With the newness of the team, Sheehy has not had much experience with bowling as a sport. “I’ve never been a bowler before this season, I went with family or friends for fun but nothing more,” Sheehy said. The girls team is new to the sport but mighty, placing themselves first in the league overall.
The teams practice at Bowlerland in the Bronx for about two hours, 2-3 times a week. Matches are twice a week against schools in neighboring towns.
“I’m really glad I joined the team because it allowed me to create stronger friendships and spend more time with my friends while playing a new sport and improving our skills,” Sheehy said. The team is mostly upperclassmen, with six out of the ten members being seniors.
When asked about the other teams in the league, Sheehy said, “There’s definitely some talent out there, but I feel like Pelham is really well rounded which makes us consistent through matches which puts us over the edge.” The team credits their success to their coaches who have taught them how to improve their skills.
“Overall, I think bowling is a great opportunity for people to start playing a sport they never tried before, which is what my friends and I did,” said Sheehy.